14 April 2010

Their Plea

It is really heart-breaking to know that there are many irresponsible pet owners here. I received an email from a friend about the animals on "death row" in the kennel. These furry friends have been, once in their lives, pets of families. Now, they have been abandoned and left to die.

Please be responsible pet owners. If you think you cannot take care of them, then don't give your kids one and when you're done, you just leave them to fend for themselves. Our pets have no voice. No one will speak for their sad plight. It is not their fault so stop being cruel!

To my friends in Dubai, if you want to adopt or foster a pet, please visit this site:


They deserve a chance to live a happy life. Give them that chance...

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  1. there should be a school for people to learn how to take care of pets. some just want to show off

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