22 May 2010

Air India Plane Crash

This news is not good at all especially for people who work in the Aviation Industry like myself. Likewise, a news as horrifying as this will never be taken in a good light by the families of the passengers of the Boeing 737-800 Air India aircraft which went down at dawn today.

News have already flashed all over the world about the mishap which happened on a hilltop airport in Bajpe, just outside Mangalore, India. Several accounts of survivors have been taken by CNN-IBN television. Some survivors said that the landing was smooth at first but went awry and overshot the wet runway due to rains.

Air India is the national carrier of India and this will surely dent their already struggling airline.

I am offering my heartfelt prayers and condolences to the families of the victims of this air tragedy. May God shine light upon them.


  1. Very sad. I add my prayers to yours.

    Thanks for visiting my blog! xo

  2. Oh my, has anyone got hurt? I guess some passengers survived and died from your condolences. That is a tragic news of the day. Will just include them in my prayers.

  3. That's really sad news. My prayers are with the survivors and their families.


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