21 May 2010

Annoying Types of People in Facebook... Are You One of Them?

I love playing in Facebook. It is the only stress-buster I know that works. Apart from the games that I enjoy there, I get to chat with my family and friends and reconnect to long-lost childhood friends and relatives from far-flung places I haven't seen in ages. However, I know there should be a decorum set for using Facebook. I think some people just go over-board. Then again, it's their page so let them do their thing, right?

Anyway, I don't mean to hurt anyone by posting this. It is for sheer fun and information. Also, this has been forwarded to me by a friend via email.

9 Annoying Types of People in Facebook

1. The Gamer - The invites and updates will never stop.
2. The Event Coordinator - They invite everyone to everything.
3. The Desperate Marketer - Their idea of marketing on Facebook is to spam all their friends with "become of [whatever]" requests. Usually, [whatever] is either themselves of a paying client.
4. The Horrible Photo Tagger - They will tag ANYTHING regardless whether or not it is something you want your family or co-workers to see.
5. The Rash - This fellow will follow you in Facebook and will comment on everything you do.
6. The Quiz Taker - You'd think everyone has gotten sick of this by now.
7. The Passive Aggressor - They post well-rehearsed retorts without mentioning anyone by name.
8. The Infant Profile - They use their kid as their profile picture. It is supposed to be cute but to some it is a bit disturbing.
9. The Filterless - They post updates about everything, even when it is something you would never, ever want to know.

Okay, there goes the list. My personal opinion on this is that, I think the list is too rigid to accept people as they are. So, if someone wants to post updates on his or her wall that you don't want to know? It is her or his wall anyway. There is always this "hide" option in Facebook. I get tagged on photos of "me" but when I check, those are photos of shirts, bags, shoes and what-have-yous being sold by friends in Facebook. I just try to ignore them if the goods do not actually fill me with interest. There is always the option of turning the other cheek and not be bothered.

I think, these 9 Annoying Types of People in Facebook are the reason why Facebook is more interesting and fun. Don't you think?


  1. Hi Ria, nice to be back here again. Yep, things are so hectic for me here but still, blog hopping is in my schedule. Lols, I also agree with your being annoyed here. I got lots of ads in my facebook wall and people will just tag me when they want to sell a dress or something. Some people tag me in a sarcastic photo that I didn't want to approve of. Sad to say they are my friends too and don't want to hurt them. I just remove my name in tag after I saw the photos that I don't want because other people can see it once they will search for your profile photos.

  2. hello ria dear! it has been a while. na miss ko nang gumala dito. nwei, i am guilty with the number 8. lol!


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