31 May 2010

Blessings in Many Forms

I watched GMA Channel 7 program in our cable few minutes ago. Mel Tiangco was telling the viewers of the account of GMA Kapuso outreach program. They showed how they distributed school bags and supplies to the poor children of a small town in Laguna.

I was so touched on the 13 year old boy who wanted to go to school and finally attend Grade 1 this school year. He missed plenty of classes trying to help his family make a living. Another young boy had hydro encephalitis but still had the passion to go to school despite his condition. And lastly, this young boy who walked several miles to reach school because he could not afford a transport.

I could not help but cry on their accounts and what they had to go through to have a decent life by going to school. I feel a bit ashamed of myself for neglecting my blessings and instead, complain about the little nuisances I face in life. To think, my discomfort is nothing compared to what these children go through everyday.

I am thankful for all the blessing, be it small or big because God never fails. Thank you Lord for giving me this enlightenment so that I can appreciate everything around me and know that all these are your blessings in various forms.

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  1. Me too, I can't help but be crushed and touched at heart when I see and hear stories like this that I want to help. I am helping my poor relatives first and someday maybe, others.
    Yup, sometimes it's easy to forget how blessed we are , but then I always try to remind myself that God is so good and He blesses me with wonderful things and promises.
    Have a great week, Ria!


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