09 May 2010

For Donation

Why can we donate blood but not our fats?!? Arghhh! I am getting very upset these days because I have been trying so hard to lose some weight but it just won't happen. I have tried jogging like crazy. I tried cutting back on calories. I tried skipping on processed carbohydrates. I even tried fasting. I am really getting so upset I can buy a truckload of fat burning products really soon. I know some who lost major weight just by running on the treadmill. How come I haven't?


  1. i want to donate some of my fats too. just some, don't want to look sooo sexy hahaha

  2. hahaha! you are right there sis! if only there is a donation for fats I would also like to donate mine.... like you, i am also struggling to lose my weight... huhuhuh!


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