08 May 2010

A Girl's Chevy Camaro Love

I have seen myriad of flashy cars running the streets of modern Dubai. I have seen Lamborghinis, Ferraris, Bentleys, Porches and even the distinguished Rolls Royce cars plying the main thoroughfares of cosmopolitan Dubai. However, I prefer to drive simple but performance-enriched cars like the Chevy Camaro decked with the chevy camaro accessories I can find. I do not have a Camaro but I do not mind having one at all! Why not make it two? One for me and one for my husband? That will be sweet!

People raise their eyebrows whenever I tell them I want to drive a Chevy Camaro. They always tell me that it is a boy's car. So what if it is? I do not recall any law stating that a Chevy Camaro can only be driven by the testosterone laden species we call men.

It is like a love at first sight for me. I just love the fluid-like design of this car. It looks so intimidating and means serious business. I like the black colored Chevy Camaro. It reminds me of Michael Knight's Knight Rider car. Beautiful!

I want my Chevy Camaro to have a different edge so I want it without the 2 strips of line like the other previous release. I want it plain black, not just black but glossy black. I want it decked with custom grilles either in black or ash grey color. I will loose the side skirts but will love to see my rims in black alloy and low profile tires. Sporty and classy too.

I may be a girl but I have my preference when it comes to driving a car. I will either drive a big SUV or a car like Chevy Camaro.

I cannot say it is a girl's dream come true to drive a Chevy Camaro but if I can have one, it will definitely be a dream come true for me.

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