19 May 2010

Health Nut - Healthy Colon

I had honestly gone through an enema at one point in my life. I needed to detoxify and that was one of the natural ways of cleaning my colon. It sure is not one I will fancy discussing over a cup of coffee but with so many processed food these days and manic activities we all engage in, it is fitting to note that our colon needs TLC too.

Vitamin D will do wonders to our colon. Although it cannot afford the luxury of a good sunbath but a dose of Vitamin D will surely perk it up. This vitamin gets synthesized by our bodies when we soak up on good sun rays. After which, Vitamin D acts in making out-of-control cells go towards apoptosis which is a programmed cell death to eliminate possible problems.

So, soak up some good rays and give your colon a good break.

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