11 May 2010

I Love GLEE!

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I am a frustrated singer. I love MUSIC but my love is unrequited. I joined Glee Club during my younger years but my range never suited second voice. I tried practicing at home using our karaoke system but I still go out of tune and murder the lyrics badly. So, I conclude that my relationship with Music has been doomed from the start. Sigh!

Well, my lack of talent in the singing world makes up for my skills in other aspect in the Arts field. However, just because I cannot sing properly does not mean I loathe musical or anything involving singing. I just got hooked watching GLEE. My daydreams are now tuned to watching these bunch of so-called misfits sing their hearts out. Of course, I imagine myself being the lead in the musical in that show. It's free to dream anyway. That's the closest I can get to being a singer ;)

The GLEE show is so great in terms of talent and charisma coming from each star of the show. I love the fact that we can watch it as a family show but with parental guidance of course. There are scenes and sexual innuendos here and there which are not ripe for my daughter. I do not condone that aspect but if you look at what the show has to offer in terms of lessons to learn, making tough choices, valuing friendships and relationships, trust, honesty and smidges of moral, then I can say that the show is loaded. We are not even talking about their vocal prowess yet!

The casts are really talented. Most of them have theatre experience so they are believable in the show because they do all the songs themselves. Wow!

(Photo source: www.downfilms.ru)

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  1. I have no musical talent whatsover ( my voice is only meant for the bathroom) but I love Glee too :)


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