29 May 2010

Increasing Unread Emails

Unbelievable! I have 744 unread mails as of this time. 744! That is a hugeeeeeee number and it will take me days before I can actually clear my mails.

I have already set my Yahoo account to filter mails according to categories and senders. Family and friends' mails go to one folder, sponsored post requests for my blogs go to the other, fashion and health have their own folders and other stuff remains in my inbox for further sorting. Yup, I have this crazy habit of going through my mails like a forensic scientist. I just don't want to miss anything. However, lately I have been slacking a bit. I cannot bear to think that I have missed so many mails already. I am so preoccupied with my daughter's studies, husband's and four-legged diva doggie's demands, shattered career dream (see my post on this one), paid posts, Facebook requests, and Glee TV marathon that I missed checking my mails.

I don't know which ones are still valid in my emails. I think I have to dedicate a certain time to accommodate this task or else, I will be inundated with mails.

Where is a Lifesaver when you need one?!?

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