01 May 2010

Inhuman Humans!

I was appalled when I read this post about a cat serial killer in The Springs here in Dubai. Who would harm a hapless and gentle animal? I hope justice is served to this or these 'beast/s' who roam the streets of Dubai shooting on poor cats with their BB or air gun. Why don't we turn the tables around???

Please read this article posted in Gulf News few days ago. If you are from Dubai, please report any untoward incidents regarding your pets to the local police. Our furry friends need our voice!


  1. Oh, that is really horrid sis. My heart is feeling crumpled when such people do that to animals like the cats. huhuhu, must fight against animal abuse!

  2. I've never heard of it----there's a cat serial killer? Oh my...next thing we know, there'll be a dog serial killer too. :-) That's appalling.


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