09 May 2010

My Tribute to all Moms - A Motherhood Rollercoaster Ride

I have posted this in my friend Jade's blog in honor of all the great moms out there. I am happy to share it to all of you mothers who made a great contribution to our lives. Happy Mother's Day and enjoy the read.


I am very thankful for the opportunity my good blogging friend, Jade gave me. I am so honored to do this post for her and it makes me happy to do so. Anything for a friend…

Well, this post is something very close to my heart. It’s about the rollercoaster ride of motherhood.

It is one of the best experience a woman can ever feel in her lifetime. It is both pleasant and frightening, similar to riding a rollercoaster with its many dips and turns. However, like any rollercoaster ride, it is not always down. Motherhood has so many “ups” to offer and I can vouch for that – because I am a mom.

I have never thought I would feel an immense love to that tiny being fluttering in my stomach when I found out I was pregnant. It is an unconditional love you feel to your unborn child knowing he or she is God’s blessing. I knew the moment I got married that I was ripe for that purpose, to carry a child in my womb and give birth to His likeness and being.

The first rollercoaster dip to a motherhood is the 9-months journey to reach one’s full term in pregnancy. Mine was very difficult. I was always bleeding and at the brink of miscarriage. I had to skip many days from work. I had a long and painful labor before I saw a glimpse of my little one – the source of my joy from there on. I knew then that I have come in full circle as a mother and have fully paid my dues to my mom when I gave birth.

Raising my daughter was another story. I had to endure sleepless nights watching her sleep. My rollercoaster ride to motherhood had taken its twist and turn now. With a limited savings, a husband who left for a better future for us while our daughter was young and being a first time mom in a home away from my family terrified me. I had to be both brave and strong for my daughter because no one else would be there when I had to cry for help. More dips, turns and twists to motherhood ensued right after. Being a mom also means you have to endure your child’s pain. Every child goes through their ritual of getting sick and going in and out of the hospital. I had my share of that and more while I was alone. A mother had to endure all that.

The many ups of motherhood is one to make your heart soar in great heights. For me, seeing her smile, getting chocolate-smudged kisses and hugs, holding her small hands, being with her are joys of a mother. These are valuable moments that cannot be measured and bought. Now I am aware of the depth of a mother’s love because I can feel it too. It’s very profound, very intense and very powerful. That’s a mother’s love.

And that rollercoaster ride does not end there. You will have to go through the process over and over again because that’s what a mother does. So, if you’re just planning or is already a mother or currently conceiving, this is all I have to say – enjoy the ride. It is all worth it.

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