31 May 2010

Skipping Junk Food

It has been several weeks now since I last had my junk food binge. I actually stopped eating chips and fried stuff for health reasons. I was having a tough time during the first few days but has already gotten the hang of eating bland food.

This move to clean up my eating habit for health reason has also brought some evident results. My weight is "slightly decreasing" even without exercise. My pants are getting a bit loose. My skin is clear and I will not need any adult acne cure. My sleeping pattern is great. I don't feel lethargic and my energy level is soaring without any aid of stimulants.

I think I will keep doing this until I reach my healthy weight goal. Health is wealth!

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  1. Thats great Ria, Ive lost so much weight within the space of a year just from eating at the right time, walking and plenty of water. Keep it up sis x


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