30 May 2010

Writing Etiquette

I cannot just write anything I want while I am in this country. It is like living in the Marcos regime where everything is censored. Although, not 100% is the case similar of a dictatorship rule but writers here follow strict rules. We cannot just write something bad or defaming of this place's culture, beliefs and the people in it.

However, the people who live here must also understand that they cannot write anything they feel like it just because this is their country. It has to be a two-way street, right? Write something factual and respectful. Be mindful of what you write. If you have nothing good to say, drop that pen or leave the keyboard alone!

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  1. o?? ganyan pla jan. hmmm.. pero sabagay, parang okay lang naman un restriction nila. i mean, ung heritage nman nila pinoprotektahan nila right? ayun nga lang, tulad nga ng sabi mo, two way street dapat. kung gusto nila irespeto sila, dapat irespeto din nila yung ibang tao :)


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