13 June 2010

Exam's Over!

The past two weeks have been very hectic for me and my daughter because it was her final assessment week. I wanted to ensure that her grades would not fall from the school's high standards.

I have been regularly making reviewer and mock exams for my daughter based on the coverage of the test. I normally get aid from a test maker and add more details as I get through the mock exams as per subject.

It is a bit difficult for me now to create reviewer for my daughter who is in Grade 6 as compared to her lessons in the lower grades. It has been a very long time since I last held a Grade 6 book. Besides, her school is following the British curriculum and much has been changed. So, I have to research and study too in order to be effective in facilitating her review session.

Thank goodness we have the privilege of getting help online nowadays. I just read her books and notes and also refer to the Internet for more in-depth discussion on the topic required. There is also an exam software that I can use to aid me in providing my daughter a mock exam and reviewer close to what she is actually taking in school.

I am glad that her exam is over. I can finally rest for a while and probably let out a sigh of relief when I get her report card in few weeks time.


  1. Its amazing how technically advanced school is these days. I am happy for you both that the exams are over and now you can ease into summer!

  2. ang sipag and supportive mo naman na Mommy! Oo nga, Ria, marami na pinagbago mga curriculums. Nakapagtataka kasi un natutunan natin nun later years sa grade school or high school, e tinuturo na sa kids natin ngayon sa earlier level pa lang.

    Dropped by here, Ria! I'm back after a long while!

  3. hello sis, visiting you here today. It's been a while since our last chat. take care always.

  4. Thanks for the comments. School's over and now I can relax :)


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