19 June 2010

A Father's Day Greeting to All

A Father

Tomorrow, 20 June is Father's Day. I would like to greet my dad who is no longer with us a special Father's Day because he had been a pillar of hope for my family. He worked hard and gave his all to give us a good life. I am thankful Tatay! I know that you are watching over us all the time. I miss you so much specially on times like this when we celebrated special occasions and you were always leading the way. I just want you to know that even you're not here, your loving legacy is remembered.

I would also like to greet my husband who has been giving us his support, love and care unconditionally. The one person who truly makes me see that life is worth living. A positive force in my life. A beacon of hope, a person of love. I love you honey and your daughter and I are thankful for your love.

This goes out to my brother as well who is working hard to give his family a bright future. I can see your sacrifices. Keep it up! You are a wonderful person.

And to all the great fathers out there and the fathers-to-be, this day is for you for the wonderful contributions you make to your family and the society.


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