15 June 2010

Fund Raising - A Noble Cause

For most who are financially endowed than others is a blessing in itself. I am glad that I am surrounded by people who earn 10 times than I do and still, they go out of their way to rasie money for church and other communities. I see their generosity in an intangible manner. I am sure their recipients are very thankful for the blessing in various forms.

Some of the people I work with have very big and kind hearts. They offer portion of their salary to build and raise schools and churches for the under-privileged in Third World countries. Others sponsor a family and send their "adopted" children to school by sending regular remittances. Some of my colleagues even do candle fundraiser, bake sale, rummage sale, car-boot sale, donations and collection drives to send to worthy organizations in much need of assistance.

Pooling our resources to be of help to others is such a noble cause. As early as now, I am already building my daughter's social awareness by joining volunteer work and contributing to worthy causes and civic drives. I also enlist the help of my friends who are active in church by getting their church fundraising ideas. I also get opinions from others who have done this kind of activity on ways to engage other people to contribute and offer their time, effort and financial assistance.

Giving is more important than receiving. The little things we do and give to our brethren are the things which make all these very worthwhile.

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