21 June 2010

Gearing Up for a Short Vacation

It has been more than a year now since I last had a vacation back in the Philippines. I was trying to manage my finances in this difficult time. I avoided every opportunity presented in the past for a trip back home because every time I come home, money just disappear so fast. That was not something I was ready to accept. My budget is so tight right now that my short vacation to see my family is planned to the minute details. I cannot over-spend on unnecessary matters and cannot eat out. It will just a pure R and R with the people who matters in my life.

So, I will not be blog-hopping for few days starting 2 July. I just want to spend my time with my family and enjoy the vacation even for a short while.


  1. Just like you, we'll be having a vacation in the Philippines.....in 3 weeks we'll go. Hope that you're gonna have a great time with your family. Enjoy!

  2. That's great Bingkee. How long will you and hubby stay in the Philippines? Do enjoy and have great fun with your family and friends. Ingat!

  3. wow, buti ka pa Ria, maka-uwi na sa Pinas. Pasalubong sa akin ha pag balik ka na dubai, hehehe, Hope you will have a safe trip back your home!


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