05 June 2010

Great Party Food Ideas

My daughter will turn 13 early next year. I am already preparing her mini party as early as now. It is only mini because we are inviting her close school friends and our friends here in Dubai. I would love to have the party in Manila but my daughter has classes in February. We might as well stick here in Dubai since most of her friends are from her school here anyway.

She loves whimsical themed party so I am thinking of setting up a party to that effect. First of, I am still searching for Party Food Ideas which will be acceptable by both teenagers and the adults. I am looking for light and healthy meals. The party is going to be a small gathering with activities so the food must not be that heavy. I want the guests to enjoy all the fun games after.

I am searching great recipes for the birthday celebration. I am thinking of finger food like crudites or cocktail-sized frankfurters for appetizers. For the light main course, my family loves grilled chicken and sausages as part of the selection. Another food that comes to mind for the main course is California Vegetable Wraps. This can be sliced so it can be a great finger food selection too. The desserts will have customized cupcakes which my friend will make as a gift. Bless her! Apart from the cupcakes, there will be various kinds of bread served. I saw this recipe from iVillage.com and thought it appropriate for the purpose. It is called Italian Panzanella Bread Salad. It will be good for the young and young at hearts. Last selection for the dessert is the candy buffet which I will make myself. I am sure that this will be a big hit for all the kids and probably even the adults too.

There are so many recipes to find from iVillage.com which I am considering for the party. My only concern at the moment is finding all the time and extra help I can get to be able to whip up great meals which are healthy too. I know it is still early but I can test the other recipes there and see how long it will take me to prepare them.

I am already excited and it is still months away. Thank goodness for resources we can find in the Internet because they are really helpful in terms of planning and suggesting food ideas for parties.

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