13 June 2010

Just Another Manic...Sunday

I don't know how I am going to recharge myself and it's only the first day of the week here. I feel like I have maxed out my reserved energy today. I don't know how I am going to go through the week though. My calendar is about to burst with activities. I have a summer-job-trainee to train for a week, work to accomplish and manuals to edit - all in my lonesome in the office. Well, I am not worried with work as much as I am worried with how to spread myself thinly to everyone who needs my time and attention. Oh, we're not even talking about Millie the Diva Dog! Her demands are just incredulous! Then for my personal and social welfare, I have a party to attend to on Thursday night, an alumni meeting the next day and a doctor's appointment on Saturday. Not only that, I have to squeeze in half an hour of exercise after work for 5 days. Whew! I must be Super Woman!!!

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