11 June 2010

Online Vouchers

I love having vouchers ready when I go shopping. I had this privilege when I visited the US last year. I just printed off vouchers from websites and used them. Unfortunately, that practice is not very common here in Dubai. I do get fashion news from most retail outlets but I want vouchers and great promotional deals. Most malls and outlets have their own vouchers but I find them very limited and inflexible. Also, the shops here with websites do not offer online vouchers to be printed off and use. What's the fun in that?

Most countries in the Northern Hemisphere have this privilege of acquiring online vouchers from various sites and from direct shops' sites. Some of these online vouchers sites not only offer vouchers like Boden vouchers. They carry great deals from other shopping sites as well. Moreover, you get good bargains and offers from merchants, shop owners and retailers for printing their coupons or codes such as Boden discounts.

As a consumer, I will greatly benefit from these online deals because I get direct discounts from shops and many of the promotions are exclusive to online users.

I wish Dubai will follow on this trend so there will be more choices for consumers to enjoy their hard-earned money.

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  1. I totally agree!! Nice to know fellow bloggers in Dubai.



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