01 June 2010

Relief for Headache Naturally

I have a pounding headache since yesterday. It must have something to do with the weather and dryness of the air. Also, my eyes are so tired staring at flight manuals for 8 straight hours. That can't be good.

I was supposed to run today but this headache is crushing me so I slept for a while. I woke up with a mild pain but not as bad as this morning's and yesterday's episodes. I searched the Internet and checked for natural ways to cure a headache specially if you are like me who has allergy reactions to most medication.

One article in Ayurvediccure.com advises that if we are feeling the headache, we can try closing one nostril and suck in oxygen until we feel it in our brain. Release the air slowly and you feel like the pain goes with it. So, I tried it and it did wonders! I actually feel much better; hence, I am posting this :)

Sometimes, our head lacks the much needed oxygen and one way to instill that is to inhale oxygen as deeply as you can and releasing it as slowly as possible. That should help relieve the pain.

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