24 June 2010

Tinted Windows and More

Summer has officially arrived here in Dubai. It did make a grand entrance by making us feel the dry and scorching heat of Dubai's summer sun. Our bodies are like being baked in the oven. Running from the air-conditioned premise of our home and the office to our car parked outside is such a feat! Imagine those poor vehicles left under the very hot sun's rays for long. If they can only talk, I am sure they are already cursing us.

My husband is planning to have our car's window tinted and he will check for other car accessories to help diffuse the extreme heat. I don't know why we never had it tinted in the first place when we took the car from the dealer. They were already offering discounted rates and branded tints but we begged off. My husband just don't like how the people here apply the tints on the windows. They put the tints "outside" the window and not from the inner part. So, in due time, the tint wears and tears and make it virtually impossible to see from the inside. It is very hazardous.

I am thankful though that our vehicle is well maintained. At least I am not so worried about the air-condition unit breaking down or prematurely lose its freon. My husband and I just feel that we have to do this soon or we will end up toasted from the sun's unforgiving heat.

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  1. When summer is coming, I always think of changing my window tints especially if it has been damaged. I love driving but the trapped heat inside my car during summer is very irritating.


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