13 July 2010

4 Kilos in a Month!

I just lost 4 kilos in a month's time. My doctor said it was fast so I better regulate my eating habit and not to lose weight more than that in the coming months. All I did was to skip on sodium and fried food. I did not even have the chance to look on apidexin reviews for my diet. It was just the normal way of eating properly and sweating it out by running regularly.

I hope to lose more weight the healthy way. I am just a bit concerned that I am losing too much weight fast. For all I know, I could be burning my muscles and not fats.

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  1. HOW DID YOU DO THAT?!?!?! I want to lose fats asap too!!! I'm really gaining so much weight that I'm beginning to worry that I may not be able to lose them anymore. I just wish I have your will power. :(


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