15 July 2010

Beauty Tip 101 - Supple Skin

We are born with genetic dispositions much as we want to have peachy skins. Some people are just very lucky to have alabaster complexion that even the ivory will pale in comparison. Some people resort to cosmetic science to enhance their skin tone and suppleness. However, we can still have a soft and supple skin the natural way.

The weather condition is one of the factors which affects our skin tone and suppleness. Pollution, humidity, extreme temperatures, sun and rain causes imbalance on the moisture our bodies retain. So, one of the easiest way to have supple skin is to keep it hydrated by drinking plenty of water.

Eat vegetables and fruits to supply lost nutrients.

Put chlorine filter in your shower to reduce chlorine as this dries up our skin.

Look for the best night cream in the market you can find. It should have moisturizer too.

Take plenty of rest and sleep on time as this will help in regenerating skin cells.

So, it is really not that hard to have a soft and supple skin. Albeit not naturally born with it.

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