23 July 2010

Car Scratches and More

I knew the time would come when our pristine Hyundai Tucson would have its baptism of fire in terms of nicked paints, scratches and dents.

My husband has managed to avoid all possible bodily "harm" to our 3 year-old vehicle. However, last December 2009, we got hit on the rear on a "full-stop" zone. Imagine that! So, the first dent on our hood has been marked. Then, early this year, I accidentally hit the electronic gate of our building and caused a very huge paint scraped from the right door. It is a good thing that our vehicle is properly maintained and we still go to the Hyundai Service Center to get the work done. It is a bit costly when doing the repair work outside but at least we are assured that the tools and body kits used for the repair are all authentic. My husband is very keen on getting all the job done properly and materials are original and meant to be used for Hyundai only.

The paint-scrape incident was not the last though. We had the right back door re-painted and few weeks later, some inconsiderate driver opened his or her driver-side door so hard and slammed on our right passenger door. Now our Hyundai has a dent and not just one! I almost freaked out because we just had the paint redone on the back door and now the dents are on the passenger door. I remember those cars used in the Mad Max movie. Won't it be nice to install those sharp things on our Hyundai? I am sure that no one will dare touch nor go near our Tucson.

Going back to reality, I have already accepted the fact that no matter how careful we are as vehicle owners, other people will still cause harm on our car. I just have a quick ocular check every morning before we drive to work on what mark has been left on our precious Hyundai. I just hope they don't nick our car!

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