18 July 2010

Health Nut - Mulberry Tea

I just bought 2 boxes of Mulberry Tea from Bangkok. My friend has recommended it to me. She swears by its potent health benefits. I was a little dubious because I never heard of Mulberry tea before. I checked the Internet and found out that it is indeed very beneficial in one's health. The following are some of the benefits of drinking Mulberry tea:

1. Has the ability to block sugars. So, it is a good drinking option for diabetic people.

2. Helps in reducing hypertension

3. Aids in eliminating bad cholesterol

4. Serves as an anti-oxidant

5. Relieves constipation, cough, colds

6. Helps cure anemia

7. Acts as diuretic by flushing fluids and toxins from the body

8. Contains high levels of potassium, calcium, magnesium and phosporus

I should have bought the entire shelf of Mulberry tea while I was in Bangkok! It is so hard to find this kind of tea here in Dubai and even in the Philippines.

So, if you can find one, do try it for your health's sake.

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