20 July 2010

Hot Weather = Fire!

Summer is often associated with fire due to the extreme temperature and humidity. Hearing sirens and honking of the fire trucks is a regular occurrence here in my neighborhood. Dubai is quick to respond on such emergencies and that is what I like in this place.

I was able to capture a fire which broke in one of the industrial warehouses near my building few minutes ago. It is just a block away and I can see it from my veranda. It started with white smoke bellowing from the warehouse and then it turned to black. The fire was just a flicker and became red-orange flame. More firetrucks, police cars and ambulance came to the scene in a span of few minutes.

So, folks, be careful with your electrical outlets, flammable items and appliances. Make sure you don't light incense or candle and leave it unattended. Also, unplug any unused appliances. Remember to use fire exits in case of emergency and call for help.

(Photo taken on 20 July 2010, 2115 hrs by the author - ME, ...fresh from the "oven...")

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