07 July 2010

I Want To Stay...

My short vacation here in the Philippines is about to wrap-up tomorrow. My husband and I are headed to Bangkok for a nice R & R and quality couple-time. Our princess is staying here in the Philippines for 1 1/2 months before she returns to school as Grade 7 student. Time flies!

I haven't been home for the past 1 1/2 years so my heart yearns to stay longer. If only I don't have other obligations to settle in Dubai, I would really stay here for good. At first, I was uneasy and sort of disoriented because I already planned to migrate somewhere else. However, my heart is betraying me now ;) It is really true, home is where the heart is. I think I will dump my migrating plans entirely and settle here in the Philippines in the next couple of years.

I wish I can stay longer. I really, really do. Despite the sticky sweat, pollution, lack of airconditioning units at home and endless traffic, I feel this is where my heart is.

Hay....Manila, I keep coming home to Manila. There is no place like Manila... I'm coming home to stay...SOON!

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  1. waaahh!! grabe sobrang wala na talaga akong alam sa nangyayari sa blogniverse. huhu. nakauwi ka na pala dito at nakaalis, ngayon ko lng nalaman. talaga? kelan kayo uli titira dito? how soon is soon? :D


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