17 July 2010

Mid-Life Crisis and Me

I don't know why but I have this weird feeling down my gut (nope, not abdominal gas or tummy ache nor diarrhoea) that I am experiencing mid-life crisis.

I have heard this cliche and have witnessed people close to me go through this crisis. My mom, for one, went through it. So, it leaves me wondering, what is mid-life crisis anyway?

Mid-life crisis is like an emotional transition experienced by people from 40 and 60. It is that phase where people begin to take stock of their lives and question their worth and purpose. It is that time of their lives where they make adjustments to get certain fulfillment in life and purpose.

Carl Jung, the psychologist who identified this phase said that it is a normal event in a person's maturing process.

This mid-life crisis is very awkward for me. Not that I am acknowledging its presence in my life at the moment, I cannot deny the fact that I am becoming a textbook example of a person going through it. It is not easy. I have so many questions I never thought I would ask myself while I was younger. I am only few years shy of turning 40 but these thoughts in my head about what I want and where I want to be in the future are mind boggling. I still do not have the answers and do not know when and where I will find them. All I know is that, I have this doubt, fear and certain battle within me to find the real essence of my life. It is so profound and I know it also involves my spirituality.

I hope to get over this phase, if ever I am really experiencing it or my hormones are just playing tricks on me. Whatever the case may be, I shall draw my strength from my God. I know this will pass and I hope I get through this with stronger faith and belief that my Lord will see me through.

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