23 July 2010

My Husband's Netbook

My husband normally does not purchase any gadgets above US$200. He sees buying as a task that he will only do when required. However, since he has seen his friends with netbooks, he purchased one for himself as a gift. I really do not tell him what and what not to buy because he is good handling budget. I let him do his thing.

He and his Lenova netbook has become inseparable ever since he bought it last year. That netbook is very lucky because it has travelled with us during our trips outside the country. Lucky netbook, it has even crossed the Atlantic Ocean! He even bought it with him on our trip back to the Philippines and Thailand. I can tell that he loves his netbook so much. It is lightweight, compact, easy to carry and small enough to pack inside your hand-carry bag.

Now, who wouldn't love that?

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