07 July 2010

My Spiritual Wealth

I have always believed that no material possessions I have here on earth can ever save me. I try my level best to live by that rule. I am not a goody-goody Miss Two Shoes kind of person but I try so hard not to cause any harm to others nor bad-mouth someone nor think ill thoughts. I just want to do and say the right things as far as my faith and belief are concerned. I would like to face my God during the last days of my life with a clean heart and conscience.

The tenets of my spiritual wealth includes prayers and doing good deeds to others. These are the kind of wealth which cannot be measured in terms of monetary value. It is not a simple task because I face different people with varying personalities and beliefs as mine. Most often, other's ways and habits contradict my views but I practice tolerance and respect as long as they do not question my faith. Sometimes, these people will test your patience but I just accept them as they are and pray that we gracefully accept whatever differences we have.

The worldly possessions I have here are just physical manifestations of the great blessings I receive. As my act of gratitude, I believe in the word of God and the Bible Prophecy. I digest His words like my daily bread and spread the word thru good deeds. I would like my Lord to be proud of me and when End Times come, I am ready to walk in His kingdom with all my spiritual wealth.


  1. Jen Chua Likes this...

  2. Thanks Jen...nice of you to drop by! ;) Nasa akin pa gift ko sa iyo...when can we meet? Text mo ako ha.


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