26 July 2010

Not Fat, Just ROUND!

Try as I might to dispel the thought that becoming rotund runs in our genes. Both of my parents are slightly round, my sister is also in the "fat" side, my brother is like a walking Buddha and one of my niece is like a ball.

So there, we are a family of round people. I used to be skinny prior to reaching mid-thirties. I even fit on pre-teens clothing until I was about 35. Then boom! All those unwanted fats started to creep in from nowhere and next thing I knew, I was wearing XL-sized clothes.

I tried every imaginable diet out there but fell flat. I even checked websites upon websites about diet pills that work , starved myself, went vegan for a while and did the no-food after 6 fad too. Some worked, some didn't so I was back to square one.

I know better now. I am regularly exercising since I already lost 4 kilos. I don't want to stop now and fall back to my bad routine of eating chips and being sedentary. I just want to move and move and lose more weight the healthy way. It may take time. I am not in a rush as long as I do it the healthy way.

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