31 July 2010

Proper Eating and Lots of Exercise

People who reach the age of 30 starts to have problem with metabolism. I, for one, used to have a svelte figure until I hit 35 and the rest was just "growing pains" - girth wise!

Gaining weight can be detrimental to one's health. This may be beneficial for some who are petite and are trying to gain mass for health's sake but to many, this is just dangerous. Gaining weight in epic proportions poses health risks like cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and painful joints.

I am not patronizing being skinny but I am promoting proper eating and regular exercises. Being properly informed of the benefits of supplements like reading sensa reviews, knowing the food pyramid, learning the tricks and tips of good and effective exercises and controlling one's eating portions are useful ways to help in keeping someone on track on the road to good health.

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