09 July 2010

Savory Thai Food

I have been in Bangkok many times over the past years. Each visit is not different from the previous - enjoyable and relaxing! Well, that was the purpose of our travel anyway, to rest and relax and have fun.

I have binged a little because I love Thai food so much. I am very careful of the sodium and fatty contents of the food though. I know when to stop eating but if the food is as sumptuous as the Thai delicacies, I think I will need generic Phentermine to combat the appetite. I have been good with the food-intake so far. I hope I don't derail on my quest.

The food is just great! The fresh fruits everywhere are tempting. The savory scent of Thai cuisine is just captivating. Thank goodness we're leaving tomorrow. I just have to control myself one more day.


  1. I don't know to much about the food but I sure wish I could visit Thailland.I've seen pictures and is fabulous

  2. I agree with your party fan. Thailand, even in pictures, is already amazing!


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