26 July 2010

Setting Up A Business

My friend will leave the company in the very near future. She and her family have already made arrangement to start their home business. She has been travelling back and forth from Dubai to Manila to ensure that everything goes as planned by mid 2011.

She is setting up an Internet cafe with business services like offering photocopying services, fax services, etc. Her husband is scouting for point of purchase displays along with office furniture and fixtures to put in the shop.

There are plenty of good and affordable furniture back home and I am sure they will find the set they need as per their budget.

Lighting is also their major concern. They want the shop to be well-lit but at the same time, energy-saving too. I suggested to install floor to ceiling glass windows to accommodate the natural light during the day. That way, they do not have to turn on plenty of lights to illuminate the shop. One or two will be fine as long as the natural light gets through the glass windows.

Next thing they will have to worry about is getting their business establishment listed under the government bureau to acquire business permit as well.

Putting up a business, no matter how big or small, does take a lot of painstaking preparation to ensure that your and the government's requirements are met.

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