17 July 2010

Snow in Dubai

I admit, I want to feel how it is to live in a snowy place, let alone, a cold one. The coldest it can get here in Dubai is about 13 or 15 degrees Celsius and that is if we are lucky. Winter here is very short so we cannot sport those nice wintry clothes and enjoy winter activities like skiing, making snowmen, sticking our tongues out to taste the snow, making snow angels and enjoying hot cocoa by the fireplace.

One activity I would like to experience is going out on snowboards. Dubai has an indoor ski resort called Ski Dubai. They offer ski lessons and snowboarding. I am not sure though if the snowboarding lessons are akin to Olympic snowboarding. Nevertheless, these exciting snow activities are available here to be learned and experienced for a fee.

Ski Dubai is an indoor ski dome located in Mall of the Emirates. I have not enrolled in their snowboarding lessons but I am quite interested. I have just checked out their activities for the summer and looked at various snowboard trick images posted there and in their website.

I am thankful that even if Dubai is situated in the Middle East where vast deserts abound, it still offers activities other people from the colder regions enjoy like skiing and snowboarding. Dubai has actually brought those winter fun right in the desert for the locals and expatriates to enjoy without having to go out of the country and spend hard-earned money.

I hope to enjoy these cold activities one of these days. I am still mustering enough courage to wear those winter gear and get that snowboard and plunge. It must be exciting!

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