24 July 2010

Sweat it Out

The weather is awful right now. I miss running outside. I think I will not be able to stand the heat outside for a minute, what more an hour? It is like walking past an open oven door. That is the kind of heat we experience here in Dubai.

So, last Thursday, I decided to use the building's gym. The feeling I have when running outside is never the same when you do it indoors. However, I just have to do it than miss my regular exercise regime.

The air condition unit was already on in the gym and yet the heat outside seeped in. It is like being inside a hot sauna. Well, the plus side was, it gave me a quick weight loss boost because I perspired a lot.

I used to dread the idea of me getting soaked with my own sweat. However, perspiring is our body's natural way of releasing our body heat or else we suffer from heat stroke. Sweating is also a good way to release the toxins in our body. It also improves your skin by washing away dead cells and helps unclog pores.

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