25 July 2010

Too Tired For Anything

I am willing my fingers to type right now. I just posted earlier how stressed I was today. I felt like all my energy had been zapped. I don't know where to get more for reserve.

I don't know what is wrong today. All I know is that there are plenty of work to be done and all with a strict deadline to follow. I don't know if I have enough time to finish all the pending tasks in the office by end of the week.

I missed a decent meal today at lunch because I lost my appetite. The stress at work and my lack of energy now are like appetite suppressants. I don't feel hungry anymore. I would rather sleep after I post this than eat.

I am not sure how much longer I can take all these nonsense. To think that I am very sensible enough to put my health and welfare on the fore and yet here I am, skipping meals to give way to some deadlines! The irony...


  1. Minsan may day talaga na ganun. I do hope you were able to rest. Have a great week ahead.


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  2. Hi Ria, sorry ngayon pa lang ako naka-visit uli. di bale na. Want you to know na bago pa lang kami naka-pagsubscribed to high speed internet sa amin. Thanks God! Have i told you na gina-update ko na yong domain sa old blog ko na melcoleofpausa? heartscontentofamama.com na ngayon. I will put your link in my list again :)


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