28 July 2010

Vacation Mode for Most Dubai Folks

It is that time of the year again when most of the locals and expatriates from Dubai and nearby emirates relocate to some place cooler.

The long and extreme summer months here cast away people because the heat is just unbearable. Also, the school ends on June and will not open until mid-September. So they take that opportunity to leave the country and explore the colder regions of the earth.

Other families prefer to drive to Salalah in Oman where the weather is not harsh and slightly cooler than its counterpart in the Middle East region. The big SUVs pack the road towards the UAE and Oman border together with their trailers and RVs. I sure hope they have checked everything before setting on their long drive. It is wise and important to have a travel insurance too and to check if 5th wheel warranty is applicable on their trailers or RVs.

I would like to embark on a road journey too before I leave the UAE. Driving to the neighboring country of Oman will be a scenic and wonderful experience for us.

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