26 July 2010

When Hunger Strikes

Who ever said that "it is all in the mind" is mistaken. My mind was not thinking that I was hungry. I heard borborgymi and I wanted to eat not for the sake of filling myself but because I was hungry.

My brother reprimanded me because I asked him to accompany me to the nearby McDonald's to grab something to munch. He said I was already good at controlling my hunger and why the sudden change. I said it had nothing to do with ruining my discipline but I wanted to eat. Besides, it was the end of the week already and we had no fillers in the ref. I was not planning to buy burger, just salad to satisfy this hunger pang.

If this continues every night, then having those weight loss drinks around may just do me good. I do not intend to derail my healthy eating habits now. I just want to silence this growling stomach.

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