12 August 2010

Family Time vs. Work Load

It is a rule of thumb in our family that we will never bring work-related problems nor work itself at home. My husband and I have been guilty in some cases but we have been very good sticking to that rule.

Our family time is very precious and we take it seriously. Our principle is, we only get to spend 2 days with the family as opposed to the number of grueling hours we spend at work with people we barely know (and perhaps we don't even like).

I feel guilty breaking that rule today. I told myself, only for today. I brought one chunk of my workload at home because of time constraints in the office. I know my efforts will never be recognized and no one will even know that I will finish some work at home except for myself. I brought some work because there is no way I can meet the deadlines with all their demands. If I can only tell them what I am thinking, I would but that would land me either in jail or to my early "retirement." LOL!!! Nevertheless, I had to make a drastic decision. It was not my preferred choice but someone's got to give. And it has to be me!

So, after I finish this blog post and while my husband do the laundry (oh yes, we share household chores too...lucky me!), I will sneak in the bathroom and read the work I brought home. Perhaps I can flush it down the toilet before reading it. What do you reckon?

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