28 August 2010

The Ferrari Goes Zoom

I have been around town since morning trying to figure out why my salary has not been released. I already received my payslip 4 days ago. Sigh...

I was cruising along Amman Street according to the speed limit of 60 kph. I noticed that the RTA installed a new traffic signal on the newly opened junction in Al Nahda crossing Amman Street going to the back streets of Sahara Centre in Sharjah. A Ferrari zoomed by the taxi in front of me causing the latter to break few metres from the junction. Thank goodness I was not speeding or else, I would have kissed the rear of the cab. And that Ferrari, you might ask, zoomed to the junction without a warning and in lightning speed.

I thought, if that driver keeps doing what he does to harm people and other motorists, he would probably end up somewhere not very inviting. I could just imagine Ferrari parts flying everywhere.

People cannot use "fasting" as an excuse to drive recklessly. These lunatics drive like Evil Knievel even when it is not Ramadan. So, what could be that driver's excuse for being a menace on the road?

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