21 August 2010

A Gift Request

My daughter will be in Grade 7 come September. Time flies so fast! I still remember the time when she was in kindergarten tugging a small trolley bag filled with toys, crayons and snacks. Now, I look at her bag and see teeners' books, pens, notes from friends and doodle pads.

We had an agreement before the end of the school term. My husband and I told her that if she pulled flying colors on her Mathematics and Arabic, we would definitely give her something she truly wanted. And guess what, she improved on her Math and the teacher was even amazed by the level of dedication she had shown. Arabic is a hopeless case because it is difficult to learn as they need to read, speak and write this foreign language. Apart from Arabic, she also had French to learn.

When asked by her dad what she wanted, she hastily said "iPad." I paused for a while and asked, "baby is it i-p-o-d or i-p-a-d." Your guess is good as mine! She really loves electronics and gadgets a lot so this did not come as a surprise. She keeps borrowing my iPod Touch as she enjoys listening to her anime playlist. However, when the iPad was released to the market, I have already seen her gawking at the iPad here in Dubai sometime back and I knew she fell in love.

So now I have to check and compare iPad and ipod reviews to see which one will be right for her age. Of course the answer is very obvious - iPod! I made an agreement with her that if she makes it to top 10 this coming school year, she will get the electronic device and that is for sure. You should have seen the twinkle in her eyes ;)


  1. yay ipod or ipad!! waaaaaaah

    ipod for your princess and ipad for me girl :) lol

    thanks for dropping by my blog!

  2. Time flies and with the time gift items are also changed. Kids are also demanding and can do any thing to get their demand fulfilled. Ipod has become their latest choice.


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