01 August 2010

Half An Hour Run

I ran for half an hour today. I didn't want to go more than that since my knees would give up. I still have plenty of weight to lose so I am taking it slowly but surely.

I put the treadmill on level 2 incline to give my run more oomph and substance. I wore an elastic band around my waist to encourage sweating specially on my waist area which is my main problem. After the half an hour run, I ate a meatloaf sandwich and downed 2 full glasses of water to re-hydrate myself.

A lot of people can do an hour stretch of running but I cannot subject myself to that. I have read in the web that if you run right away without building your stamina, you will only get injuries. Also, I have checked the web for the best weight loss supplements available in the market to aid my weight loss; apart from drinking green tea. I am also taking omega 3 fatty acid as a supplement to help my joints and heart.

I still have a long way to go. Like I always tell everybody, I don't mind the slow, steady pace as long as I get to my goal the healthy and proper way.

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