19 August 2010

On Rugs and Dull Floors

When you come in a house, do you normally check out the area or first look on the floor and see if it is clean, shiny and have a "wow" factor? Well, I am one of those who normally look down when I wipe my feet on the rugs and give an ocular inspection on the floor I am stepping at. It is a weird habit but I get to see and admire a lot of people's home by doing this. It also gives me an idea on what to put on my dream home when the time comes.

I have seen floors made of marble, granite, terracotta, vinyl, wood and wall-to-wall carpet. Some are nicely covered with area rugs. Others are white as a cloud and glossy. And others have intricate tile work that will leave you in awe.  

Our flat's floor are covered with 12x12 sq. ft. yellowish tiles.  I wanted something glossy but I had to settle with what was available when we scouted for a flat.  I thought when we first moved in the building that it was plain and simple. My opinion of the floor has turned to ho-hum. In short, I am bored with it. Our contract does not allow us to alter any original component of the flat except for paint improvement and other fixtures. That is also to our advantage because we do not have to spend a fortune updating the floor when there are other means of brightening a dull floor. I keep imagining my friends' houses with nice glossy floors. I just admire them!

So, to solve my slight problem whenever I look on our floor, my husband bought some cheap rugs to spruce up the place. He covered the living room with a slightly shaggy area rug to make it more homey, inviting and cozy. It improved the look of the flat and gave more definition to the place. He also bought some house plants to put in the corner of the dining place to give a little life and color on the area and the floor. I bought a small colorful mat and placed it on the hallway's main door to add pizazz on our simple floor.

Now that my slight problem is solved, I can let out a sigh of relief and be grateful to my husband's genius ideas and practicality.

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