27 August 2010

Organizing my Stash

I have so many scrapbook stash which are all placed in plastic containers. I do not have any studio for my arts and craft so I keep all the stash on a cupboard. However, each time I try to look for something, I cannot locate it because I have not organized my embellishments and other craft supplies properly due to lack of space.

I have been asking my hubby to allocate a corner of the flat for my arts and craft session but it is not possible to drill holes at home to put the divider so I have to settle with doing my craft on my study area.

I am off to Ikea to buy wooden drawers to keep my smaller embellishments so they are not everywhere. I just want my area tidy-up and in order. I can't crank my creative juice looking at my table which is a mess right now.

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