23 August 2010

Philippine Hijacking Gone Bad

I didn't realize that something bad was already happening in Manila while I was in the office. I checked my Facebook for updates when I saw updates from friends about the hostage taking. I got to read more information when I came home to check the news.

A sacked policeman named Rolando Mendoza, 55 years old, seized a busload of Hongkong tourists near the Quirino Grandstand in Manila today, 23 August. The hostage taker carried with him a M16 rifle and opened fire to the hostages.

The hostage drama ended in a bloodshed and this is not good to our tourism.

I am completely saddened by this event. Innocent lives were endangered because of the gunman's bid to get his post back. And all for what?

I offer my prayers to the victims and their families. I hope the Filipinos will get through this though circumstance and show the world that this is just a setback done by a lone Filipino.

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