04 August 2010

Same Old Stuff, Different Day

Ah, the saga of the corporate bondage continues and this time under a different dictatorship. I really don't understand how big guys up there decide on things in the office. Sometimes it leaves me so baffled that my mind gets numb. Oftentimes, I am left reeling, palpitating and praying that I discover another portal to transport myself to a corporate utopia.

The office is very lucky to have me as a staff. And this I tell you without any sign of modesty because I know what kind of person I am. I am self-motivated despite the lack of support and boost of morale from the higher echelon. Unfortunately, my dedication is never noticed. I am not sure if they actually do not see what I do inspite of the numerous emails I forward them regarding the projects I have accomplished or they simply want to turn the cheek and look on the opposite direction. Hmmmmm... What kind of game are they really playing there?

I have been given numerous tasks with deadlines happening on the same time. Same time! Same time! Same time! Whew, I thought if I tell myself that over and over again, I might come into a realization that everything is just a nightmare and I would wake up from this mess. So far, reality bites so hard that no matter how much I deny myself about the deadlines, they are going to happen and I have to commit and deliver. How? Don't ask me because I have no idea.

Oh man, it is just the same old stuff and different kind-of-thing day for me in the office. I just wish 2013 rolls in as fast as the lightning. I just want to get out. So help me God...

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  1. after meeting your deadlines, go to the nearest spa and relax there. Breathe in and out deeply.
    I'm sensing that you're on the brink of having a burn out. I experienced that before. And I quit! I regretted that decision after.
    I believe di mo pa naman naiisip quitting in the nearest future. 2013 is too far pa namn. Pero sana, bago dumating un, the higher ups will appreciate all the hard work and dedication you give. Before they lose one hard working lady!

    Take care, Ria! :)


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