13 August 2010

Self-Motivation - When No One and Nothing Else can Motivate You at Work

I am still fortunate that despite the recession, our company has maintained its staff. Although it is difficult to work with 400x as much load as you previously had, we cannot complain. This is the time where employees are being squeezed dry to the limits because the employer can always give you the "take-it or leave-it" approach. And if you are one of the millions who have bank obligations to settle, you have no choice but to keep mum and just bear and grin it (for the time being...).

Unfortunately, it is also difficult to maintain one's sanity when you work in a place when no one even bothers to motivate and look after you. I have that misfortune. So, I am sharing some few tips (and tricks) to those who are in a similar boat as I am. 

1. Be positive. 

Time and time again, this line can always surpass the cliche mode and it always work. I use the power of positive thinking to help me get by. You know, always see the glass "half-full." I always tell myself that I am lucky to have a job and that matters a lot especially at a time like this.

2. Be thankful.

Lift your head up and say a prayer. Be thankful for the blessings no matter how great or small. A humble man prospers just like what the 8 Beatitudes say: Blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the earth.

3. Be creative.

Spruce up your cubicle with nice photos of you and your family. That's what I did. Although we are not allowed to make a collage out of the cubicle wall, we can put nice pictures in frames to display and my table is brimming! Put pictures of happy trips you have, candid shots with funny faces, pictures of your pets and beautiful sceneries. Post sticky notes on your computer monitor with a smiley face drawn on it. That will put a smile on your face.

4. Surround yourself with wisdom.

Read books that you like and inspiring during your coffee break. Read the bible. Read, read, read... Read newspapers (but try not to read the negative headlines! This will just defeat the purpose of self-motivation) especially the comics section (I do this all the time and it brings a smile to my haggard face).

5. Blow your Horn.

Okay, you may think that this contradicts what I have pointed at number 2. It will only if you boast about it. In this case, you do this tooting of horn in silence, in your thoughts. Well, I do "pat myself" for a job well done when no one else will and let me stress this out - I DO IT IN SILENCE. Yes, it sounds weird but it works well for me knowing that what I have done is great and I congratulate myself for that. It boosts my confidence too. Try it. You don't have to announce to the whole world how marvelous you are. Just say it to yourself and believe.

6. Pray.

Start your day and end it with a prayer. I always lift all my worries to God. I am only a mortal with limitations and weakness. I surrender all my doubts and concerns to Him because He knows what is best. At the end of the day, I always tell myself that I have given my best and I offer all those sacrifice to Him and my family. I may not be recognized at work but in His eyes I am worthy.

So, I hope I have helped impart some important tips to help you get by if you are in a similar situation as I am. I know it is very difficult to motivate yourself but look at the bigger picture. Millions of people out there have no work as I write this. You and I have... Shouldn't that be a motivation in itself?


  1. nice tips naman to sis!! i love all of them..

    i need this tips so badly.. ayan think positive na naman ako!! nice nice nice post!!!

  2. Well said sis! Sometimes when I started to rant and hate my job, I just close my eyes and remind myself that I am still blessed to have a job at this time.

    It helps me go on...

  3. Thanks for the comments sisters. This is based from experience as we speak kaya I felt it right to share it to everyone who can commiserate with me. Marami tayong ganito ang nafi-feel eh.

    God Bless!

  4. Sound tips, being positive thinker is good, but I prefer more on having a REALISTIC view of life.

  5. The secret to contentment is looking at people who have less rather than those who have more. It helps me remember how fortunate I am.

  6. thanks for these tips, sis Ria. I think i can still apply this even if i just work at home. Work at home moms need some motivation as well to let them work with much positive vibes and to create a happy home. Thanks! i really need this specially on days when I sometimes get bored and felt so tired of doing my chores and online tasks.

  7. I agree with you being positive and pray to God is the only source we could do to keep going in this world.

  8. i love my job and hardly feel stress, but there are days I feel down too and we have very similar way of addressing our emotions.

  9. great tips sis. i do the blow your horn thingy silently too! haha! when i feel neglected and unappreciated, i just tell myself i am doing an awesome job and who cares if no one appreciates?

  10. Beautiful motivating thoughts sis! glad that you have found happiness in your corner at work :) you are right, we can always give ourselves the boost we need when no one else does..the idea of pasting smiling photos and memories of trips is awesome..when we are in a place where all around there is nothing but serious work to be done those truly help...in my case, staying at the ER with my phone connected to motivating friends like you is enough for me to make it through grueling twenty seven hours of work each time...have a great day working! :) and do take care always :)

  11. These are very motivating tips sis and I agree with you!

  12. looking at the brighter side of things is always good and usually offers happiness in life as we move towards the journey.

  13. thanks for sharing your experienced and how you coped with it. these are all great tips and for sure helpful. :) stay positive as always!


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