26 August 2010

Smiling Voice

Yes, I know. It seems weird to say "smiling voice" because a voice cannot smile. What I want to convey here is that, a voice with warmth and sincerity when speaking on the phone that you can actually feel you are important.

I called Dominos Pizza few hours ago to order and I was a bit taken back by the sound of the Dominos Pizza crew's voice. His voice was cold and not welcoming. It is as if, I disturbed him from his sleep and that he was so upset to speak to me considering the fact that I was a costumer.

He did not sound the least happy to serve. I was not in the mood to give him a piece of my mind because it was not worth stooping on his level. However, I just wondered what ever happened to customer service?

There are plenty of people applying for customer service jobs right now. I think that crew does not deserve to be in a place where provision of customer service is one of the objectives.

I should have taken his name down and reported him. He needs a mega dose of customer service training!

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